OpenConsult is an award-winning cloud-based consultation platform. It captures text and map-based submission data that powers flexible reporting dashboards for you and your stakeholders.

This new approach enables communities & cities to benefit from the collective knowledge of citizens during consultations, leading to more informed responses, stronger policy/planning and savings.

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Smart, open engagement

OpenConsult provides you maximum flexibility to open your data and conversations around your consultations. Harness the collective knowledge of your stakeholders for deeper engagement and richer insights.

  • Consultation, surveys and more ways to consult
  • Accessible to visually impaired participants and fully mobile friendly
  • Summarise your submissions, tag and run flexible reports
  • Multi-lingual consultation interface to communicate with all of your citizens or stakeholders
  • Manage permissions to access your consultation and its data
  • GDPR compliant
  • Lots of interactive ways to create a sense of community around your consultation

Interactive Documents

Why publish a large PDF, when you can create an interactive document? With OpenConsult you can create a user and mobile friendly version.

This ensures everyone can access the document on the fly, on the bus, including users with visual impairment. Maps and images can be displayed also accessibly through a viewer.

Interactive Maps

OpenConsult has interactive maps to help citizens view map-relevant data and draw their area of interest. If you use ArcGIS Online you can use your webmaps and receive all submissions back into your map system

Open Visualisation & Reports

Choose to open your consultation dashboard, query and reporting functionality to your citizens, stakeholders or consultees. Help others to explore feedback and what aspects of your consultation are receiving comments – during the consultation – when it matters most.

Note drop

Users can engage visually with image, videos and maps and participate in a conversation with others. Users can drop pins at the location to which their comments refer.


Our survey creator guides to you to set up your survey

  • Add all question types tables, text, grids, matrices etc
  • Add images, videos and interactive maps
  • Find consensus on options using the Modified Borda Count method
  • Run dynamic reports

We use CiviQ’s OpenConsult Consultation Portal for all our planning consultations in Kilkenny County Council, and are very happy with it. It’s straightforward to use, both to upload a new consultation and to moderate any open consultations. We really welcome the contribution it has made to the transparency of the plan-making process; all submissions are now made available so everyone can see what everyone else is saying.

Caitriona O'Sullivan

Senior Planning Executive, Kilkenny County Council